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About Staffing Right...

We are not just a Staffing company, we believe the right foundation is key. At Staffing Right Corp. we are dedicated to providing quality service that leaves a lasting positive effect on both the companies and job seekers with which we conduct business.

At Staffing Right Corp. the focus is YOU. We believe that everyone has a purpose and if presented with the right opportunity can flourish. We all have unique abilities that if honed enables us to function at the highest extent of our talent and skill and consequently to the betterment of businesses and thriving communities.

For this reason we are committed to offering education, training, support and continued development to all our candidates and staff. Connecting the right talent with the right employer has a favourable impact that truly defines “The Better Recruitment Experience”.

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At Staffing Right, we have an 85% fill ratio for every open position we partner for 90% of our job applicants are converted to full-time employees...


Understanding your demand is the first most important step to delivering quality service. We listen and are always available when you need us...

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We take pride in providing reliable and professional service to job seekers and employers in the GTA

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